DynCorp International LLC. NDI Technician III in FORT HOOD, Texas

Job Summary

TheNDI Technician IIImanages Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) support for engines/components/support equipment at the highest quality and safety standards in accordance with applicable technical directives. Inspects aerospace weapon systems components and support equipment for structural integrity using nondestructive inspection methods.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Ensures all services listed on the performance requirement summary are performed in a manner commensurate with Company standards

  • Maintains work space, including nondestructive inspection shop area, in a manner that complies with all federal, state, Customer and Company policies and procedures

  • Communicates deficiencies to proper persons and strives for continuous improvement

  • Documents forms and records with information related to nondestructive inspections

  • Determines test method based on specimen characteristics and customer-provided guidance

  • Develops written instructions from approved general procedures. May require approval

  • Maintains assigned nondestructive test equipment and accessories in a serviceable condition

  • Performs and records process quality control verifications on equipment and accessories at specified intervals

  • Sets-up, calibrates and conducts tests using fluorescent dye penetrant, eddy current, magnetic particle, ultrasound, and/or visual inspection methods and equipment to evaluate structures, components and systems

  • Detects service-induced, processing and/or manufacturing defects and discontinuities as directed

  • Determines metallurgical information of specimens such as alloy, temper, conductivity and associated factors

  • Interprets nondestructive inspection test results

  • Applies inspection criteria to test results and provides information about discontinuities as requested

  • Complies with safety, environmental and health regulatory requirements

  • Wears and maintains personal protective equipment, to include respiratory protection, as required

  • Uses fluids, chemicals and aerosols in performance of duties

  • Handles and properly disposes of hazardous materials

  • Performs additional duties as assigned

  • May be assigned to provide oversight of Level 1 or 2 personnel Knowledge & Skills

  • Has the experience, knowledge and skills to interpret codes, standards and other contractual documents that control the approved NDI methods

  • Capable of assuming technical responsibility for the NDI facility and staff

  • Capable of selecting the proper test method and technique for a test specimen

  • Capable of preparing, validating and approving technical adequacy of inspection procedures and work instructions in the methods certified

  • Submits procedural changes and corrective action responses through applicable approval channels

  • Provides training, examination and certification of personnel as authorized. Only in the methods certified

  • Thoroughly familiar with the scope and limitations of the technique/method in which certified

  • Capable of providing the necessary instruction, guidance and supervision to trainees as directed. Only in the methods certified

  • Capable of performing operator maintenance of shop equipment, aids and accessories.

  • Efficient record-keeping and preparation of reports; capable of reviewing other people’s work to determine accuracy and conformity to standards

  • Proficient in the use of Unit Level Logistics System-Aviation Enhanced (ULLS-AE) preferred.

  • Ability to use associated test measurement and diagnostic equipment as necessary in performance of duties

  • Ability to provide support and communicate effectively with customers, repairers, and supervisors and engineers.

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills to prioritize workload and meet aircraft delivery schedule

    Experience & Education

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • NDI training that meets NAS410 and TM 1-1500-335-23 requirements. U.S. military Nondestructive Inspection technical school or equivalent formal training as approved by Responsible Level 3

  • Documented previous NAS410 and TM 1-1500-335-23 Level 2 certification that qualifies for Level 3 consideration

  • Three (3) years’ experience having primary production responsibility for an NDI shop

  • Experienced in radiographic safety, inspections, film processing and interpretation is a plus

  • Historical certification records. Required

    Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Must be able to walk and stand on level and/or inclined surfaces for extended periods throughout the day

  • Must be able to climb stairs, ramps, ladders and work stands

  • Must be able to crouch, crawl, grasp or handle objects, use finger dexterity, bend elbow/knee and reach above/below shoulders

  • May be required to crawl or slide into confined spaces or cramped places to perform duties

  • May be required to assist lifting of heavy objects whose weight may exceed 50 pounds

  • Must be able to type using standard keyboard to communicate through email and various software applications

  • Will handle dirty parts and lubricants

  • Will be required to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Must be able to pass a Respiratory Physical and Fit Test qualification

  • Must be able to pass vision exams required by NAS-410 and TM-1-1500-335-23

  • May be required to operate powered vehicles, machinery, hand tools, ground support equipment, fork lift, etc.

  • Must be able to lift/push/pull a minimum of 50 pounds

  • May work in maintenance shop, aircraft hangar or outdoors exposed to the elements

  • Must be able to work in a drafty, noisy, dirty environment as necessary

  • May be exposed to extreme noise from operating equipment

  • May be exposed to electrical shock hazards or work near moving mechanical parts or vehicles


  • Minimal travel may be required

Job: *Aviation / Support

Title: NDI Technician III


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